Video Lessons

Pure Maths video lessons were developed by tutor with over 35 years of experience in tutoring/teaching high school mathematics. The purpose of lessons is to replace  expensive and very often  ineffective home and small group tuition. Lessons are created on a such way that students can easy understand, even, the most complex mathematical concepts, while practicing test, SAC’s and exam style questions. Throughout all lessons, special attention is given to the problems  that students have in mathematics due to which they seek tutoring. Finally, video lessons provide excellent motivation for students to learn and enable them  to learn independently. All this is incorporated into PureMaths program that is in full compliance with current school curriculum. Our video lessons and tutorial books are used not only by students who need help in mathematics but, also by teachers for their supplementary material, and especially, it is of great benefit for home schooling students.


Given the quality of the video lessons, it is to be expected that our tuition fee is high. However, one of our main priorities is to keep the price low, if not the lowest, and thus make our quality tutoring available to everyone as it is affordable to families with a modest financial budget as well. Our fee is as described below.
  • First video lesson free       (on request)
  • $18/h for video lessons.           Video lessons come in small packages (about 5 to 10 hours) but also in large package (30 to 40 hours) as a whole unit or                                                                                                  semester. You can see all packages via buttons “Enrol Lessons Now” below.
  • $40/h for online tutor.                This service is available to all subscribers of video lessons. We advice our students to use this service, only, when they                                                                                                      really need because, studying with video lessons is much more beneficial for students

PureMaths Tuition Objectives By Year Level

Mathematics Year 9 

  1. To consolidate and establish solid foundation knowledge, especially arithmetic and basic algebraic principles.
  2. Transition from pattern memorising study approach to concept based and theory understanding study approach.
  3. Stronger focus on mathematical areas more importantly for coming VCE Mathematics.
  4. Developing mathematical skills for application of mathematical knowledge from different mathematical topics on solving particular mathematical problem.
  5. Permanent revision of all concepts and topics studied earlier through out of most questions specifically designed for this purpose (revision while studying new topics). 

Mathematics Year 10

  1. While still consolidating arithmetic, studying and practicing algebra is our first priority.
  2. Developing strong conceptual approach in solving mathematical questions (problems).
  3. Preparation for VCE mathematics in regards of establishing excellent knowledge on some VCE topics.
  4. Development of scientific way of thinking and expressing mathematical ideas (by working out question) as well using correct scientific language, and mathematical notation.
  5. Application of mathematical concepts and knowledge on solving non-routine questions and analysis and application questions.
  6. Permanent revision of all concepts and topics studied earlier through out of most questions specifically designed for this purpose (revision while studying new topics).  

Mathematical Methods 1 & 2 – Year 11

  1. Filling up all possible gaps in knowledge and especially in algebra from previous grades.
  2. Rising up the knowledge of Linear and Quadratic relations to the highest possible standard, as those two areas are widely used on final VCE exam in Methods 3 & 4 but it is not in program for Methods 3 & 4.
  3. Developing algebra and concept based approach to the highest standard.
  4. Strategic approach to problem solving, especially textually formulated questions.
  5. Presentation of commonly made mistakes and technique how to avoid them.
  6. Understanding of final VCE examination requirement.
  7. Speeding up in working out questions while still maintaining high level of accuracy and correct expression of mathematical concepts.
  8. Dealing with different style of questions.
  9. Permanent revision of all concepts and topics studied earlier through out of most questions specifically designed for this purpose (revision while studying new topics).

Mathematical Methods 3 & 4 – Year 12

      1. Establishing a solid connection between different mathematical areas studied throughout all year levels.
      2. Developing students’ ability for an academic approach in solving mathematical problems involving knowledge from different mathematical areas. (This is very important as students will be assessed on final VCE exam on all mathematical knowledge gained throughout all year levels and very often they will need to apply knowledge from different mathematical areas in order to solve given question).
      3. Ensuring the highest standard of mathematical concepts and knowledge for final exam.
      4. Permanently practising purposely designed questions that will provide deep revision and at the same time deep understanding of currently studied chapter.
      5. High level of understanding VCE exam requirements.
      6. Strong focus on how to present development of concept and knowledge to assessor throughout working a question.
      7. Learn useful examination techniques on purposely designed questions.
      8. Increasing exam performance by practicing differently formulated exam style of questions.
      9. The complete program is designed to maximise the final exam result.