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About us

We are a husband and wife team who dedicated about 40 years tutoring thousands of students in maths. Equipped with our science background and passion for teaching, we have helped many of our students excel in maths.and go on to achieve their goals in life. 
Our PureMaths online personalised tuition for VCE and pre-VCE Mathematics separates us from all other tuition services. Our pre-recorded video lessons, tutorial books and highly experienced tutor (when needed) are great help not only to students but to teachers who want to update their study recourses and to apply different approaches to explain the content. Our aim is to deliver to students a deep understanding and knowledge of the subject, but also to:
  • Help students further develop ability to go beyond their desired result.

  • Boast students’ motivation, confidence, and interest in the subject.

  • Prepare students thoroughly for assessments and exams with practice exams and assessment style questions.     

  • Help students to learn through understanding, rather than memorisation.  

  • Develop  independent study skills so, that students are able to study without reliance on a tutor.    

  • Provide flexibility in learning pace according to student’s needs and study abilities.

  • Set a low tuition fee that is affordable for all family budgets

        We have been achieving this aims over last few decades and we strongly believe that PureMaths will continue to do so for many years to come.

What is PureMaths home tuition?

PureMaths Tuition is an improved and all-inclusive, yet affordable online tuition that goes beyond a normal tuition service and resolves all tutoring dilemmas. It is available for the following subjects:

VCE Mathematical Methods 3 & 4

Mathematical Methods 1 & 2

Mathematics year 10

Mathematics year 9

To ensure that each student is getting all advantages of tutoring and parents the lowest tuition fee, our PureMaths program includes:

  • Unlimited access to all paid video lessons throughout school year

  • Support from experienced expert tutor whenever needed

  • Free first lesson (on request) 

  • Free tutorial book (pdf) that supports video lessons

  • Free periodical progress assessments with detailed reports and advices

We are the only Victorian tuition practice that offers a great diversity of high quality tutoring resources that are perfectly complementary in PureMaths tuition. This is why our students are extremely satisfied with many of them achieving results beyond their expectations.

Please, continue checking our website and if you still not sure how our program will work for you, contact us to get answers to all of your questions.

How it works

Your base tutoring resource is PureMaths Video Lessons. When you subscribe to any video lesson package, you will get access to a text reference (pdf) that follows the subscribed video lessons. This text is useful for referring to questions while watching the working out in videos and quickly refreshing understanding of concepts. Some students may need some extra help from a highly experienced online tutor. They have the option to request a tutor at a discounted rate whenever they need but the number of tutoring hours cannot exceed the number of hours of  subscribed video lessons. Progress assessment is another option for students and they can undertake it after every 20 hours of video lessons. This is free option and we encourage students to use.

Click on the link below to select your year level, then choose your lessons and make subscription. You will get an email with immediate access to subscribed lessons, together with pdf text reference.  If you have any question please, contact us 

Mathematical Methods 3 & 4 – Year 12

Mathematical Methods 1 & 2 – Year 11

Mathematics Year 10

Mathematics Year 9


Even though, video lessons are more than enough to achieve any of your goals, still, for those with less confidence, we are providing highly experienced online tutor for extra support when needed.  Click on the button below to request a tutor
This is free option that is helpful for students but, for us as well.  Assessments will help us to, eventually our teaching  strategy. It is conducting after every 20 hours of video lessons. Click on the button below to apply.

How PureMaths learning programs help you excel from the comfort of your home

Video Lessons

Video lessons are original lessons that Mr. Maths Video Tutor used to teach his students. Maths Video Tutor explains theory and concepts and works out on white board about 1000 purposely created questions, targeting deep understanding of concepts and preparation for tests, assignments, and exams.    

Online One-To-One Tutor

An expert tutor (not Mr. Maths Video Tutor) ensures that the student is able to navigate and use the video lessons as well as provide extra help whenever needed.   

Tutorial Books

Free (pdf) tutorial textbook for full subject video lessons subscribers or text reference for each subscribed video lesson. This book contains concise explanation of theory and concepts and about 1000 questions as they are on video lessons. All questions are fully worked out with worded explanation of each step. Many students use this book as the only bound reference on exam.

Progress Monitoring

Free, after each 20 hours of video lessons,  cumulative periodical progress assessments with exam format and exam style questions (for VCE with real examination questions), All this followed by videos with fully working out all questions (on white board), detailed explanation of all concepts and useful advices.

Why PureMaths ?

  • PureMaths program was developed by Mr. Maths Video Tutor with almost 40 years of tutoring/teaching experience

  • We have helped thousands of Australian students and many of other tutors

  • Our video lessons and tutorial books are used by many teachers

  • PuraMaths is online tutorial program determined by Video Tutor. Concept Based and Exam Oriented Tutoring and low tuition fee

Your Mr. Maths Video Tutor

Learn from lessons created from maths tutor with over 35 years of experience. Tutor who is the author of several mathematics books and about 400 hours of video lessons. Tutor who have helped thousands of students and hundreds of other tutors and schoolteachers.
His strong focus is not only on developing high standard of students’ knowledge, but also, to ensure that students be able to study and think independently rather than to be dependent on tutor. His tutoring approach is on learning with understanding, rather than learning by memorising and routines, so, that students be able to solve variety of questions of different style. However, his teaching philosophy is to build students’ knowledge through a good balance of examples and theory. The lessons focus on how to apply concepts correctly and develop an understanding of how to solve questions.

Concept based and exam oriented tutoring

We take students to work individually with them on whatever they need to enhance their knowledge and learning abilities and to ensure their success.
Our priority is on understanding of concepts in mathematics and how to apply them correctly in solving variety of different style of question so, that students be well prepared for tests and exams.That is why our tutoring is concept based and exam oriented.
Our course syllabus mapped to Australian National Curriculum and tailored to match your schoolwork. 


Low tuition fee

We found a way to offer tuition that is, at least, double than normal tuition but, less than half fee from normal home tuition.
Our PureMaths is affordable to all family budgets and available to all students in Victoria regardless of their location.


And Our Statistics

  • Over 95% of our students making progress recognisable by their schoolteacher, within 2 to 3 months
  • Many of our VCE students are enrolling in top University courses (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Law, Commerce)
  • We have a number of VCE students every year with an enter score of 99 +
  • More than 85% of our VCE students obtain an enter score above 95


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Student Testimonials

Here’s what our students are saying about PureMaths.

I had only two lessons before my final VCE exam and that was very helpful. Her approach was very professional, and she was able to help me with the materials.  She gave me very useful advices for exam and some crucial concepts that helped me a lot on my final exam.  I realised, after my exam, if I didn’t have those two lessons with her, my VCE score would be much lower.  Thank you Brankica and I was lucky to meet you.
I started tutoring in Mathematical Methods at the beginning of my year 12 and I wanted to achieve 40 raw score in this subject. The program that Maths Tutor suggested me was extremely good as I had unlimited access to video lessons, tutorial textbook and support from a tutor whenever I needed. The video lessons were extremely good and helped me not only to improve my knowledge but, also, to take different approach of studying. Every concept and every question in those lessons were explained concisely and gave me opportunity to revise earlier topics and at the same time to see what I could expect on final exam. Tutoring textbook was the only my reference material on my exam as everything what I needed was there. Not only that this program is good but, also, I could schedule my lessons at time when I wonted, and my parents saved money as it is much cheaper than any other tutoring. At the end, I achieved 44 raw score and I believe, this tutoring helped me to achieve better scores in other subjects as well, as I learned the right way of studying.

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